Proven Weight Loss Program

Our medically supervised program will provide you with the necessary education and tools to obtain your healthy weight range quickly and safely. Patients in our weight loss program typically lose 5-10 lbs their first week and can lose up to 20lbs their first month!

During your initial consultation visit you will meet with our medical staff whom will complete an assessment of your weight loss needs and goals, as well as your overall health.

Your Initial health assessment includes:

  • Weight and Body Fat Measurements
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • EKG
  • Blood work

You will meet with our physician who will review the information with you and answer any questions or concerns.

As a participant in our program you will be monitored weekly so you’ll feel confident that each and every week our physician and medically trained staff will review your progress and help you continue your success until you reach your healthy weight.

What Is Included in the Program?

Your program will include the right combination of:

  • Medications to curb your appetite
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Vitamin B/ Fat Burner Combo Injection
  • Customized meal plan custom tailored for you goals

This proven combination was developed by our physician Dr. Ashton Brinson. The program will educate you about food and how it affects your body. Our weight loss patients have enjoyed much success losing weight and keeping it off!

Dr. Brinson has developed a program that educates you about food and how it effects your body so you not only lose weight safely and effectively, but you have the tools to keep it off!

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